Monday, October 05, 2009

Chasing Windmills

This shot was taken on Day 3 of my Kansas journey. I spotted a windmill farm south of Kansas Highway 400 while I was driving along and thought it might be fun to try and get some pictures of these huge beasts. Little did I know the journey would help me make some additional discoveries.

My first discovery was that my CRV is a pretty good off road or should I say barely a road vehicle. Mud was the first obstacle I faced trying to get close to these windmills. What a wonderful drive though. Kansas is anything but flat. It was fun getting back in the boonies so to speak.

I finally found the windmills and they were really going. But even with a heavy wind the blades on these behemoths only turn so fast. I wanted my pictures to reflect the fact that these guys were not standing still. I closed my shutter to F/22 and put on a polarizing filter to slow the shutter speed as much as I could to get a blur on the blades. I wish there was a way to capture the sound of these windmills whirring around.

The second discovery was made when I left the windmills. But for that one you are going to have to wait.

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Juanita said...

These windmills are totally awesome. We have some just a few miles from where we live. On I-70 by Salina, KS there are hundreds of them and also down by Dodge City, KS. They really amaze me.