Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Photo Walk Pictures

All these shot were taken either on or near the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge in Springfield.

The day started out with light rain but cleared for a bit and then became cloudy and cold again. We had four of us walking and had a model, Erica along so we could practice our portrait photography skills. I hope to post those pictures at Ozark Faces soon.


Mark said...

Nice exposure and action on the welding shot (usually the sparks themselves are way over-exposed if the rest of the pic looks good).

Neat perspectives on the others. Now, where can I do a fall photowalk around here? Maybe I'll wrangle up my local photo buddy and find out.

Clayton Pearlstein said...

I like the welding shot as well. I like the journalistic type shots of things that we don't see everyday. Wish I could have been there to get in on the shooting.

Barb said...

Mike, these are great shots. I really like the composition and blend of colors in the welding shot. Truly art is in the everyday.