Friday, April 23, 2010

Inexorably Busy Lives

Kansas Veterans Memorial located on the Pittsburg State University Campus taken during the Southwest Missouri Camera Club field trip in February

Well it has been quite a while since I have written a post for Ozark Photos. So what has been going on? Well to be honest quite a bit in our inexorably busy lives. Our oldest daughter married in January, our youngest graduates in May and begins college. I am the field trip chairperson this year for the Southwest Missouri Camera Club for which I have had high goals for both the number and quality of the trips we do. Then there is my burgeoning portrait practice of which I have been working hard on. This, unfortunately, leaves little time to write and share with you all.

Most of you who are followers of Ozark Photos know I have been working on portrait work a lot lately which has given me an intense satisfaction. I know most of you who stop here do not particularly care for portraits unless they help tell a story of the Ozarks. What you really want to see are more sites of the Ozarks and the stories of the people of the Ozarks.

With that in mind I am going to try and put a shot in the arm to this blog. I know many people say that and then things just kind of die out. This site has long been a part of me and the photographer I have become. I came here the other night and thought long and hard about the lack of activity for a while. As I was thinking about that I scrolled down to see what was going on with the counter on this blog and was shocked to realize even though people are not leaving comments there are a huge number of people hitting the site. Then I realized I was disappointing my readers by not posting so often. So I made a commitment in my mind to renew my resolve to document this wonderful region of the country called the Ozarks.

I wish to state my sincere appreciation to one of my readers and the Springfield Blogger’s Association who in my absence nominated Ozark Photos’ story “The Many Faces of Ha Ha Tonka State Park” as best photo story of the year. I haven’t even checked to see if or how the results came out. It doesn’t really matter. What does is I was deeply touched by this nomination and it has been a large factor in my thoughts about the future of Ozark Photos. So whoever you were that nominated this site thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate you, the reader, and I will work hard to bring you more of the quality of stories that “The Many Faces” was.

So what are my goals for Ozark Photos in the coming year? First and foremost, I want to present clear and concise photographic stories of the people and places of the Ozarks Region. Secondly, but not less important is I want Ozark Photos to be a conduit for people with photographic interests to discuss the hobby and travel to sites where you can learn more to improve your craft. I hope these goals coincide with yours and as always stop by leave your comments and stay awhile. Welcome to the Ozarks.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Siegels Final Position - Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Every year our local camera club goes out to Wilson's Creek to work on photos for their calendar. I have participated for a couple of years but did not manage to do so last year. Last Saturday evening we went out and I thought we were going to get rained out. I took this photo at the southern most part of the park at a place where they do most of their demonstrations. I liked the wet benches after an early spring thunderstorm went through.