Sunday, August 01, 2010

Riverdale on the Finley River, South of Nixa, Missouri

Before Tonal Contrast

With Tonal Contrast

This is old mill site I call Riverdale on the Finley River south of Nixa. I had a blogging friend, Cris, who told me about this after I posted photos on Linden Lure. Two years later I went to find it!

The only problem with this spot is it is virtually inaccessible with no parking and no trespassing signs every where. Still it gave me a very "Ozarks" shot. I shot this from the road after parking in a no parking spot! :)

I played with high tonal contrast on this one. Let me know what you think.

Okay, Mark and Clayton, I have added the original picture just before the tonal conversion so you can see what it looked like prior to the conversion.


Clayton Pearlstein said...

I am not really into the hdr look but, I do like this shot. Personally I think it might look better with a little less obvious tonal play.

Mark said...

I like the way it looks, especially the reflection. I always forget that a long exposure can give a smooth reflection even on rippled water. I suppose that water could really have been smooth as glass, though. Was it?

Mike Young said...

Clayton, perhaps I will drop the tonal quality a little. I have the same image without tonal and I don't like it as well. The tonal contrast brought out the dark areas and detail.

Mark, the water was as calm as silk. It was a hot muggy evening with absolutely no wind.

Thanks guys for your comments and input.

Busplunge said...

in the late 1980s, we lived on Riverdale road, just up the road from the river, there were very few houses out there then.

The school bus to Nixa used to cross the old iron bridge, it was a dogleg to pick up our kids.

There used to be a store there and plenty of places to park while we would swim and wade in the river.

Then, a developer bought the place, took the boards off the dam and the whole area flooded.

The development never took off and the place has been boarded up since.

Mike Young said...

Jim, it is always amazing how I learn things from this blog...even when I haven't attended it well this year.

I was really disappointed to see all the signs but that is life in this day and age.

Thanks for the info!


Clayton Pearlstein said...

I think the shadows near the waterfall needed a boost a bit and the highlights of the sky needed some detail as well. It is just the overall punch that I thought could be notched down a bit. If that is a possibility. I really like to do my deal with my highlights with the exposure in Bridge and bring the rest of my image together with levels. I still say it is a good photograph either way.

Billy Jenkins said...

I agree that the tonal contrast is pretty high in this picture. I really like the original and would maybe if possible leave some of the hdr look on the sky.