Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Front Porch of Our Own

Long-time followers of Ozark Photos will know that I made my mark on Blogdom with my front porch series. Aside from a couple of stories I ran on Ha Ha Tonka State Park this series may have been the most followed of the blog.

Times change and opportunities arise. I accepted a transfer to Fort Scott, Kansas recently for my company. Teresa and I decided we wanted to live in an old house before we actually became too old ourselves to live in one. Off we went to Fort Scott getting the good fortune to get hooked up with Elisa Hessong as our realtor. She, just like any good realtor assembled and scheduled the list of houses we requested but also threw in one she had just listed. We went through our complete list and I was getting a little disappointed as we drove up to the one Elisa had thrown in for us. I knew I was in trouble the minute we pulled up. Teresa’s eyes had this glow in them I had not seen for many years. A white picket fence surrounds the house like a thousand tiny sentinels. We entered the gate and climbed up on the porch. I looked around and smiled. It was a quaint little porch on a quaint little house. Entering the house we found it to be almost ideal. I discovered it was almost as if I had come home as we went through it. There were things about it that were familiar. My thoughts kept going back to the ancient farm house my grandparents owned for so many years near Lamar; so many similarities, so many memories. We finished the tour and we began our drive back toward Missouri and everything we talked about came back to that house. We looked at more houses a couple of weeks later and came back to this one with Kate. She loved it too.

So here we stand today on the verge of owning a 130 year old house. A contract not yet closed on but it looks like we have found Ozark Photos West. For a time we will be in two places but I have a feeling we have found a front porch of our own.