Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joplin Tornado Recovery - Library Volunteers

The May 22nd F-5 tornado that hit Joplin destroyed most of the East Middle School. The librarian at that school was able to save about a half of the collection and members of the Southwest Area Region of School Librarians pitched in to sort through, clean and determine the condition of the remaining collection. Teresa is a part of this group so I thought I would join in. I only had a few minutes to snap some shots of the work being done as I had to keep up the flow of boxes of books to about 30 librarians. It was a remarkable day at the Spiva Library on the Missouri Southern State University campus.

After we finished there Teresa and I took a driving tour through Joplin. All I can say is it is remarkable anyone survived this storm. Such total destruction on a scale I have never seen before. Many of you will remember my visits to Greensburg, Kansas after they experienced an F-5 tornado and this destruction is as bad and complete as that.

Teresa was able to snap a few pictures as we drove through but with people struggling to survive and work I just didn't have the heart to stop to take pictures. Didn't seem appropriate.

Take care and God bless Joplin.

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