Monday, June 13, 2011

Joplin Tornado - Two Weeks Later

Looking West down 20th Street

The Battered Joplin High School

Driving North on Main (Hwy 43)

Saint John's Hospital

Teresa took these pictures as we drove around Joplin after the library event (see last post). This is two weeks after the tornado. Already there are signs of recovery amidst the destruction. For one thing the streets are clear. All major streets are open, but neighborhood streets are closed and guarded. Debris removal is the primary task right now but construction and repair is already very evident.

Volunteers are everywhere. The response is great. FEMA seems to be doing everything right this time. Temporary housing is already arriving. Processes seem organized. It will be exciting to see Joplin rise again. Every indication is that she will rise to the occasion and emerge perhaps stronger than before.

Take some time to go to Joplin and spend some money there. Most of the city remains and they could certainly use the $$$ to rebuild.

I am proud to be an Ozarker and I am even more proud of Joplin.

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