Monday, August 29, 2011

An Evening With Mr. Graham

About 6:30 this evening my friend and co-worker Steve texted me that Mr. Graham was over and visiting with them. Steve and his wife Kendall purchased the old Stout house here in Fort Scott and are restoring it. Mr. Graham was the son of one of the ladies that worked for the Stouts and he grew up in the home's "servant" quarters although he says he felt like a member of the family. He is a wonderful story teller and at 90 is a jewel of a person to be with. I was able to catch a few shots as he pondered and recalled the stories of his past. The final shot shows RK with Steve and Kendall.

It was a wonderful evening and made me long for the days when my grandparents were alive and we sat around hearing their stories. Everyone has a story to tell if you will just take the time to listen.