Sunday, June 09, 2013

Old Friends

Teresa and I were working on doing some long needed repairs to our old picket fence in Fort Scott and I looked at a couple of tools I was using.  I have had these two Black and Decker tools since Teresa and I got married 32 years ago.  I bought the orange saber saw to start my first model railroad layout and Teresa got the Workmate to use in her furniture refinishing.   I really don't know what I would have done all these years with out either one of them.

Today they were manufacturing pickets for the old portion of the fence.  This section has the arrowhead design you see in the one mounted in the Workmate.  The ones you buy now are the government safety version.  They have blunt picket heads.  I simply cut those off and made new ones to match our fence.

In one of my old Eric Sloan books I read that different parts of the North East had different style picket heads for each locale.  Ours most closely match Connecticut's style if I remember correctly but even they are not exact.  Perhaps this is truly a Kansas style...

Tomorrow hail damage repairs begin in earnest at Ozark Photos West.  Our new roof goes on and then the fence gets painted.