Monday, December 08, 2014

Random Thoughts on Photography Today

I have been thinking a lot about photography.  It has changed considerably in just the few years I have been off this blog.  As I listen to various podcasts and read magazines I see the DSLR camera is being dissed in favor of the mirrorless cameras.  I submit that this is just a trend.  I submit all stand alone cameras are going the way of the buggy whip.  With the quality of the cameras on today's cell phones and the fact these cameras are always with you the day of they stand alone camera are numbered.  Only the "professional" photographer will use them in the future.  

This brings me to my second thought.  To be perfectly honest I had visions in the past of being a "professional" photographer.  So did (and do) millions of others.  Only those really smart in business will survive and thrive.  The professional photographer who can brand, sell, read the tea leaves will be successful.  Taking a great picture is secondary.  Taking a good picture is all they need.  Look for instance at all the pro photographers selling books, videos, classes to the millions (yes MILLIONS) of us who want to be photographers.  They are making the money not us.  They have adopted and survived.  The millions languish.  

This brings me to my third thought.  Photography should simply be for fun.  I recently discovered painting.  It was fun.  It made me look at photography differently which is why I am back.  It is fun again.  I will play and create just like the old days.  Life is good.

Thanks for listening!  Commentary is over.

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